CDMC Conversation Series: Annette Becker

CDMC Conversation between Texas Fashion Collection Director Annette Becker and UW-Madison Art History PhD Candidate Tania Kolarik. Becker discussed the ways the TFC engages design and material culture research before giving a tour of the collection.

CDMC Conversation Series: Dakota Mace

CDMC Conversation between CDMC Visiting Executive Director Sarah Anne Carter and Diné artist and scholar, Dakota Mace. Mace is a photographer and textile artist whose research focuses on the appropriation of Indigenous design work.

CDMC Conversation Series: Erika Holst

CDMC Conversation between Illinois State Museum history curator Erika Holst and HLATC Interim Assistant Collections Manager Samantha Comerford. The two discussed the exhibition “Fashioning Illinois: 1820-1900.”

Woven Together: Hello Loom at Copenhagen Contemporary

Online Launch: Fall 2020. This exhibition explores themes of materiality, process and international collaboration. In 2019, University of Wisconsin–Madison associate professor Marianne Fairbanks and textile artist Sofia Hagström Møller invited a group of professional Danish weavers to contribute pieces produced on Fairbanks’s hand-held Hello Looms for a show at Copenhagen Contemporary.

Rapid Response Mask Collecting Project

Online Launch: Fall 2020. Since March of 2020 face masks have become our central tool in the fight against COVID-19. This exhibition seeks to understand the new ways in which textiles play a critical role in our daily lives as protective face coverings. It uses a “rapid response” collecting model to select masks for the HLATC which mark this contemporary moment as historic.