Drop in and Stitch with Miriam Campos and Carolyn Kallenborn

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Ruth Davis Design Gallery
@ 12:00 pm - @ 4:00 pm

Visitors to the Intercambios: Art, Stories, & Comunidad, on view in the Ruth Davis Design Gallery from January 26-April 10, 2022,  are invited to stitch (or learn to stitch!) and chat with exhibiting artists Carolyn Kallenborn and Miriam Campos within the immersive gallery space and add to a collaborative embroidery.

Carolyn Kallenborn is a professor in Design Studies department of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Kallenborn works with textiles, light, and space to create sculptural works, set designs, video, and installations.  Each year, Kallenborn spends time in the central valleys of Oaxaca, Mexico where the rich exchange of ideas and culture with the artists and craftsmen inspires her work. Kallenborn is the creator and producer of two documentary films.  Woven Lives: Contemporary Textiles from Ancient Oaxaca Traditions, and La Vida y Los Muertos about Day of the Dead in Oaxaca.

Miriam Campos is a third-generation embroidery artist from San Antonino Castil­lo Velasco in Oaxaca, Mexico. Her family is known for their signature designs and colorful floral embroidery that can be seen in traditional clothing. Miriam’s mother Reyna Cornelio, grandmother Virginia Sanchez, and all her aunts are established designers and embroiderers of this craft, supplying fine work for museums domestically and overseas.

Carolyn Kallenborn will be in the gallery on February 9, 11, and 12 from 12-4pm
Miriam Campos will be in the gallery on March 17, 18, 19, 22, 24, 29, and 31 from 12-4pm

Intercambios: Art, Stories, & Comunidad was developed with generous support from the Anonymous Fund, the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, and Latin American Caribbean and Iberian Studies.

dark blue, light blue, and yellow embroidery with floral and shell motifs