HLATC Object Donation Form

Thank you for your interest in donating an object to the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection (HLATC). Each year we receive hundreds of generous offers. Given space and resource constraints, and our purpose as a teaching collection, unfortunately we cannot accept every object that is offered.

We prioritize objects that:

  • Do not duplicate our current holdings
  • Can be safely stored in our facilities, pose no safety hazards for staff or visitors, and are in good condition for research and exhibition
  • Have verifiable record of authenticity and provenance (or history of ownership), and are legal to acquire
  • Fulfill our mission and promote curricular, research, and/or exhibition needs

We are committed to a strategic and planned approach to building the collection to serve current and future needs. Objects are only accepted as gifts or bequests and must meet all the standards of our collections policy, which adheres to our mission and helps direct its strengths.

To initiate the review process, please complete this form. If any field of information is unknown, enter “unknown” or “NA.” We understand that you may not know the answers to all of these questions, but any information you can provide helps us in researching and assessing an object’s educational potential.

To submit the form, you will need to attach at least one image. Please include images(s) showing the entire object (front, back, details, and any distinguishing characteristics).

If you are interested in donating more than one object, please fill out a form for each object. If you have a large collection that you are considering donating, please contact us at hlatc@mail.sohe.wisc.edu.

All content in the form is for internal HLATC staff use only (which may include sharing object details with other museum, university, or content expert professionals for the purposes of object identification or research) but will not be shared publicly.

HLATC Object Donation Form

HLATC Object Donation Form

Donor Information

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Object Information

Along with the artist name you can include any details about the maker/artist, such as life dates, where they lived, if applicable, your relationship to them, etc.
E.g. knitted wool / silk velvet with embroidery
I.e. Previous ownership history and how and where you acquired the object.
If you've named an individual above (e.g. prior owner or maker) please provide their full name (including maiden name), their life dates, location, and any other relevant biographical information.
I.e. presence of holes, stains, creases, use of mothballs, etc.
please use inches
Once you have completed the information above, select "next" below to upload image(s) of your object.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.