Sofia Hagström Møller: Lineage

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Lynn Mecklenburg Textile Gallery
@ 10:00 am - @ 4:00 pm

January 26-April 3, 2022 – Lynn Mecklenburg Textile Gallery

Sofia Hagström Møller: Lineage investigates the roots of Scandinavian textile design and celebrates the legacy that American weaving shares with these traditions. By translating her grandmother’s patterns through the digital technology available to her during a 2019 residency at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Hagström Møller’s work transcends language and travels through time and space. Since the residency, her collaborative work with UW-Madison Professor Marianne Fairbanks has continued to play with these ideas, discovering even more of the richness that’s possible when you follow your curiosity from inspiration to creation to education and beyond.

This project was made possible with generous support from the Danish Art Foundation, the National Bank of Denmark, and the Grosserer L. F. Foghts Foundation.

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graphic of the exhibition Sofia Hagström Møller: Lineage in pink read and orange with white in the foreground and woven fibers in the background