The Line Along the Knot – Guzheng Performance

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Nancy Nicholas Hall
@ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

In the exhibition, THE LINE ALONG THE KNOT, Veronica Pham invites her mother, Julie Yang Kwok, to interpret the installation site through music where she will play the guzheng (Chinese traditional zither). Yang will explore the connections of personal heritage and voyage and play improvisational guzheng while interpreting the knots within the exhibition space.

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Guzheng Performance by Julie Yang Kwok

Saturday, April 6: 1-2PM

Thursday, April 11: 12-1PM


THE LINE ALONG THE KNOT focuses on traditional craft processes including, Vietnamese papermaking, Chinese knotting, and netting that reexamines a personal connection to these techniques while asking significant broader questions around migration, cyclical histories, and multi-cultural identity. The exhibition is constructed using a single material–paper mulberry, a plant that has survived centuries of migration from East and Southeast Asia to areas in North America. Pham constructs large scale nets from paper mulberry in a maze-like form as a metaphor to prompt viewers to ask questions about the complexities around identity and migration.


Image credit: Left and right by Veronica Pham, center USDA photo by Lance Cheung

Three vertical cropped images. Left and right images are of the same photo showing a hand reaching for entwined knots. Center photo is a close up of a guzheng (Chinese traditional zither instrument).