Woven Together: Hello Loom at Copenhagen Contemporary

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Lynn Mecklenburg Textile Gallery

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This exhibition explores themes of materiality, process, and international collaboration. In 2019, University of Wisconsin-Madison associate professor Marianne Fairbanks and textile artist Sofia Hagström Møller invited a group of professional Danish weavers to contribute pieces produced on Fairbanks’s hand-held Hello Looms for a show at Copenhagen Contemporary. The resulting 37 weavings use a wide variety of materials and explore a multitude of compositions.

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  • Installation of select pieces in Nancy Nicholas Hall (forthcoming in Summer Semester 2021).
  • Check back for future talks and workshops.

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Online exhibition supported by the Lynn Mecklenburg Textile Gallery and the Anonymous Fund. Launched in Fall, 2020. Curated by Marianne Fairbanks and Sofia Hagström Møller. Online exhibition by Nora Renick Rinehart.

Photograph of a miniature wooden hand-held loom with words "Hello Loom"