Weaving and Counterfactual Narratives of Technical Progress

Elizabeth Holloway Schar Hall
@ 5:00 pm

Counterfactual thinking is a form of asking “what if” questions that consider how the present would have unfolded had historical events had different outcomes. In this talk, I’ll draw from my research as an artist/computer-scientist …

Two speech bubbles with images of a woman in profile weaving (top left) and a woven textile (bottom right), with the text Phyllis Huffman Fresh Ideas logo on the top right and Laura Devendorf Mar 5 @ 5pm on the bottom right

Remaking Objects in the Classroom and the Museum: A Panel Discussion

Wisconsin Idea Room 1199
@ 12:00 pm

Join us for a panel discussion between scholars and curators including Deborah Krohn (Bard Graduate Center) and Johnathan Tavares (Art Institute, Chicago) about how reconstructed objects and remaking methods can be used in innovative museum …

Cropped images surround text in center of image: Remaking Objects in the Classroom & the Museum: A Panel Discussion. Remaking the Renaissance exhibition logo bottom center. A cropped image of a man in a renaissance garmet left, cropped image of an armored leg on a horse right.