Photo of a colorful broom with broom corn in the background

Speculative Craft

Since 2018, staff at Student Craft have pushed for greater engagement with contemporary craft and design beyond what is possible in the production environment. College administration has supported staff, apprentices, and student managers in this endeavor by allocating time each year to the creation of a craft object which grows the individual’s skills and feeds their imagination. Makers are encouraged to take risks, experiment, and play. Personal expression is welcome. As these objects are created in the shared spaces of Student Craft’s workshops, each maker is inevitably informed by the other works being made around them. Conversations between makers both celebrate one another’s achievements and seek to address challenges as they arise. Despite their range of experiences, these makers support a collegial, encouraging space where creative expression and technical development are central goals shared by all.


Speculative Craft highlights these makers and their most-recently-produced objects, all of which demonstrate a deepening understanding of their craft and exemplifies what Student Craft values – the joy that comes from truly learning how to create. Whether it be a process, a technique, or working with a particular material, learning how to love something results in something remarkable, for the object and the maker.