Pieced Together: Perspectives in Textiles and Fashion Design

photo of a white table with items like scissors, a cup, yarn, and headphones on it.

Pieced Together: Perspectives in Textiles and Fashion Design is a student-curated exhibition featuring current work by undergraduates pursuing textile and fashion design degrees. Each artist and designer in this diverse group of students has been given the freedom to showcase their work in a way that authentically represents their vision. The work on view features a mixture of forms, ranging from fashion and garments to textiles and weaving; and includes digital animation and sculpture.

Throughout this exhibition, visitors will discover what inspires the hearts and minds of the next generation of creative thinkers in textiles and fashion: structure and fluidity, tradition and transition, identity and culture, the abstract and the tangible, and experiencing the world through emotion and physicality. Several works on view are also underscored with a sustainable design ethos: inspired by the natural beauty in this world, and the desire to nurture and protect it.

This exhibition is co-sponsored by the Design Studies Department.

This exhibition was on display in the Ruth Davis Design Gallery April 26 – May 14, 2023.

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