CDMC Conversation Series with Lois Bielefeld

By Laura Sims Peck, CDMC Operations Manager

Photographer Lois Bielefeld will converse with Laura Sims Peck, CDMC Operations Manager, to discuss her work, career, and what her photographs reveal about home life.

Image of two women in an interior space. A woman in a yellow hoodie bends down to wipe her hands on her sock; a woman in a blue shirt looks out the window holding a sock.
Lois Bielefeld. “House, Hold” series. 2020. May 29: When Lois doesn’t have a pocket, she uses her waistband to hold tissues. When Jackie doesn’t have a napkin, she wipes her fingers on her sock.

This Friday will be the next installment of our ongoing CDMC Conversation Series. Join me as I talk with photographer Lois Bielefeld about her work and its relationship to interior architecture, fashion retailing, and SoHE at large. Several years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Lois and exhibiting her work in Milwaukee. Since then I have enjoyed staying in touch and following her career as she creates new bodies of work.

Lois has a way with documenting everyday life. Her work allows people to share parts of their lives and inspires questions about intimate spaces: how are they used, what do they say about the people who use them, and how does space inform daily rituals and identity? Lois is also an accomplished commercial photographer, having done fashion shoots for a number of national retailers. With her combined interest of personal stories, human environments, and clothing retail, this should be a great CDMC and SoHE talk. We would love for you to join our conversation this Friday, January 29 at 12pm.

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