CDMC Conversation Series: Erika Holst

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Virtual Event
@ 3:00 pm

CDMC Conversation Series:
Erika Holst
October 13, 2020. 3PM CT.

Photograph of a museum installation of 19th-century dresses on mannequins.
Installation view of “Fashioning Illinois: 1820-1900.” Courtesy of the Illinois State Museum.


Erika Holst, Curator of History at the Illinois State Museum, conversed with Samantha Comerford, Interim Assistant Collections Manager of the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection, regarding Holst’s recently opened exhibition Fashioning Illinois: 1820-1900. This exhibition tracks changes in garment shapes, mending and washing practices, as well as the undergarments worn by women in Illinois during these 80 years. The conversation focused on a few of the garments on display as well as the clothing industry and how it changed during 1820-1900 and beyond. They also discussed different display strategies utilized to put on an apparel-focused museum exhibition and how the garments came to life when placed on a mannequin.


Event was free and open to the public thanks to the support of The Anonymous Fund.


This event has passed, but you may still view/listen to the conversation below.

Poster for event with image of a 19th-century dress and Erika Holst's name/event information.
Event poster featuring dress installed in “Fashioning Illinois.”


Poster for the event featuring Photograph of a museum installation of 19th-century dresses.