Learning to Love Something: Arts Pedagogy and the Power of Making

Dorothy O'Brien Innovation Lab
@ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Dorothy O’Brien Innovation Lab | 2194A, Nancy Nicholas Hall

Join us for a panel discussion in conjunction with the fall 2023 exhibition Heart, Head, and Hand: Making and Remaking at Berea College Student Craft on view in the Ruth Davis Design Gallery from October 18, 2023–March 3, 2024. This exhibitand the larger pedagogy project it documentslooks at what it means to empower students to create on a college campus and highlights the importance the arts, creativity, and making for students who aspire to all areas of study and future professions.  “Learning to Love Something” brings together faculty from Berea College and UW–Madison to discuss these approaches to education and the multifaceted benefits of making and learning.

This panel is co-sponsored with Berea College Student Craft with support from the Anonymous Fund. Please join in celebrating the opening of Heart, Head, and Hand immediately following this event.

photo of a person wearing a maroon shirt with long dark hair standing at a table in a workshop with colorful broom bristles all around