Threads 2021: “Reality?” A Virtual Design and Fashion Event

This event has passed.

Garver Feed Mill
@ 8:30 pm - @ 10:00 pm

Threads 2021: Reality? A Virtual Design and Fashion Event
April 30, 2021 & May 1, 2021.
8:30 – 10PM each night.

From the students of the Textiles and Fashion Design Program at the School of Human Ecology:

This year, reality has changed for all of us. We are physically distant but globally connected. We spend most of our time at home with our families. We see friends and grandparents on zoom. These changes have permeated everything from how we work, how we design, how we think, and how we dream. Join us for Threads 2021: Reality? Virtual Design and Fashion Event, a socially-distant, large-scale outdoor projection. Take a step onto the virtual runway with UW-Madison’s Textile and Fashion Design students as they explore their new reality.

Happening at the Event:

To celebrate spring, the student designers’ creations, and an upcoming episode of the Refrangible podcast that will take a deep dive into the material culture of maypole festivities, the CDMC will be collaborating with “Threads 2021: Reality?” to create a participatory maypole art installation. Rather than dance around a pole, participants and audience members will be invited to reflect on their current realities, in keeping with the fashion event’s theme. They will then write their thoughts on a two-foot length of ribbon. By tying the ribbons on the pole, they will help create a cascade of shared realties brought together in one billowing sculpture.

More on the Threads event site. RSVP via the group’s Facebook event. Projections at 8:30 and 9:15PM each night.

Poster for student event threads with images of fashion models wearing white masks and a link to the event website: