Malkha | Madison: Weaving Malkha

While exploring the history of Malkha over the past decades, we also considered its present and its future. Weaving Malkha is the abstracted vision of new possibilities through the energy of weaving.

From the Artist, Hong Huo:

“As an artist who sees animating as a form of weaving, I wanted to create an abstract animation work that conveys the essence of weaving and the vision of Malkha. Using a diverse body of 90 hand-drawn patterns made by my students from the course ART102: Two-Dimensional Design at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and a soundscape recorded by students of the Creative School in Bangalore, India, I designed a moving structure that accommodates multiple design styles and evokes the rhythmic movement of the weaving process. My goal is to celebrate collaborative communities as well as the dignity and creativity of handwork. Viewers are invited to become part of the Malkha story by using their own imagination to connect to the dynamic energy in Malkha’s weaving techniques that keep on flowing, like water and life itself.”

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