Malkha | Madison

Online Launch: August 2021 – Ongoing. The Malkha | Madison project seeks to deepen our understanding of the value of artisan production in the contemporary post-industrial world. Indian artisan cotton textile production is a field that links the pre-industrial past to the post-industrial future. Through CDMC’s 3 pillars, we aim to convey the vibrancy of the field by sharing the vision, process, & material culture of Malkha, a South India-based textiles commons.

The Portal: A Step into the Past

Online Launch: June 2021. “The Portal: A Step into The Past” is an online exhibition/virtual experience featuring student-designed historic interiors. Juried by Shana McCaw, Brent Budsberg, and Jonathan Prown and digitally curated by IA design studies students, the exhibit showcases selected period rooms from course “DS 422: History of Architecture.”

Henry Obeng: “The Trail”

Online Launch May 8, 2021. Inspired by botanical history, land use, and plant ecologies as they relate to us as citizens and noncitizens, this exhibition builds connections between Obeng’s experiences as a surveilled non-citizen and plant specimens in the UW–Madison Herbarium through hundreds of cyanotype images presented on handmade paper made from recycled Badger T-shirts.