Han-ah Yoo: “Relationships: Invisible, but Extant”

Online Launch: April 16, 2021. This exhibition of creative works is designed to provoke awareness of the adverse ecological impacts of the fashion industry. During washing and manufacturing synthetic textile products, thousands of different chemicals and tons of microfibers are emitted, and the emission causes risks to aquatic organisms…

Amanda Thatch: “Tromp as Writ”

Online Launch: April 16, 2021. To weavers, the phrase “tromp as writ” means that the sequence of threading is repeated in the foot-operated treadling; a single set of instructions can function for both setting up the loom and for the movement of the weaver’s feet while working. The pieces in this exhibition explore the interaction of text and pattern through hand-woven images.

Sofia Hagström Møller: Weaving Threads Through Time and Space, One Wild Year Later

At the 1-year anniversary of Sofia Hagström Møller’s weaving residency at UW, Nora Renick Rinehart sits down with Hagström Møller in her home studio in Copenhagen, and Marianne Fairbanks (in Madison), to reflect. They share how their plans evolved to suit pandemic limitations.