Imagining the Healing Process through Manual Practices: The Arpillera Experience in Peruvian Communities

Can collective healing processes be manifested through creative activities? If so, how might we envision this taking place? The meticulous curation of the Social Threads exhibition challenges viewers to reconsider how communities have organized visual …

Design Thinking Through Intentional Co-Design: Culturally Inspired Creation in the Lynn Mecklenburg Textile Gallery

By Dr. Sarah Anne Carter, CDMC Executive Director and Associate Professor in Design Studies This spring the Center for Design and Material Culture is hosting an exhibition in the Lynn Mecklenburg Textile Gallery that connects to …

Exhibition Spotlight: Lace from the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection

PhD student in Design History, Maeve M. Hogan, discusses the curatorial vision for Lace in the Helen Louise Textile Collection, on view in the Lynn Mecklenburg Textile Gallery, September 8 through November 17, 2021.

Sofia Hagström Møller: Weaving Threads Through Time and Space, One Wild Year Later

At the 1-year anniversary of Sofia Hagström Møller’s weaving residency at UW, Nora Renick Rinehart sits down with Hagström Møller in her home studio in Copenhagen, and Marianne Fairbanks (in Madison), to reflect. They share how their plans evolved to suit pandemic limitations.