Imagining the Healing Process through Manual Practices: The Arpillera Experience in Peruvian Communities

Can collective healing processes be manifested through creative activities? If so, how might we envision this taking place? The meticulous curation of the Social Threads exhibition challenges viewers to reconsider how communities have organized visual …

Exhibition Spotlight: Lace from the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection

PhD student in Design History, Maeve M. Hogan, discusses the curatorial vision for Lace in the Helen Louise Textile Collection, on view in the Lynn Mecklenburg Textile Gallery, September 8 through November 17, 2021.

Henry Obeng: “The Trail”

Online Launch May 8, 2021. Inspired by botanical history, land use, and plant ecologies as they relate to us as citizens and noncitizens, this exhibition builds connections between Obeng’s experiences as a surveilled non-citizen and plant specimens in the UW–Madison Herbarium through hundreds of cyanotype images presented on handmade paper made from recycled Badger T-shirts.