Exhibition Spotlight: Lace from the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection

PhD student in Design History, Maeve M. Hogan, discusses the curatorial vision for Lace in the Helen Louise Textile Collection, on view in the Lynn Mecklenburg Textile Gallery, September 8 through November 17, 2021.

Henry Obeng: “The Trail”

Online Launch May 8, 2021. Inspired by botanical history, land use, and plant ecologies as they relate to us as citizens and noncitizens, this exhibition builds connections between Obeng’s experiences as a surveilled non-citizen and plant specimens in the UW–Madison Herbarium through hundreds of cyanotype images presented on handmade paper made from recycled Badger T-shirts.

Han-ah Yoo: “Relationships: Invisible, but Extant”

Online Launch: April 16, 2021. This exhibition of creative works is designed to provoke awareness of the adverse ecological impacts of the fashion industry. During washing and manufacturing synthetic textile products, thousands of different chemicals and tons of microfibers are emitted, and the emission causes risks to aquatic organisms…

Amanda Thatch: “Tromp as Writ”

Online Launch: April 16, 2021. To weavers, the phrase “tromp as writ” means that the sequence of threading is repeated in the foot-operated treadling; a single set of instructions can function for both setting up the loom and for the movement of the weaver’s feet while working. The pieces in this exhibition explore the interaction of text and pattern through hand-woven images.

What Would a Microbe Say?

Was to be installed in Gallery: April 29-June 7, 2020. Online Launch: Summer 2020. Artist Sonja Bäumel, collaborating with Helen Blackwell of the UW-Madison Department of Chemistry, explores the perception of what bodies are made of through microbes and the body’s surface. Bäumel reimagines skin as a fictional layer of communication, and as a multi-being landscape linked to the discovery of the human microbiome.