Textiles from Home: Local Crafts, Global Conversations

A week-long international conference and event series exploring the connections between textile making, domestic space, and local environments, both historically and today. Events accommodated multiple time zones and making communities.

CDMC Conversation Series: Erika Holst

CDMC Conversation between Illinois State Museum history curator Erika Holst and HLATC Interim Assistant Collections Manager Samantha Comerford. The two discussed the exhibition “Fashioning Illinois: 1820-1900.”

Rapid Response Mask Collecting Project

Online Launch: Fall 2020. Since March of 2020 face masks have become our central tool in the fight against COVID-19. This exhibition seeks to understand the new ways in which textiles play a critical role in our daily lives as protective face coverings. It uses a “rapid response” collecting model to select masks for the HLATC which mark this contemporary moment as historic.