Malkha | Madison

Online Launch: August 2021 – Ongoing. The Malkha | Madison project seeks to deepen our understanding of the value of artisan production in the contemporary post-industrial world. Indian artisan cotton textile production is a field that links the pre-industrial past to the post-industrial future. Through CDMC’s 3 pillars, we aim to convey the vibrancy of the field by sharing the vision, process, & material culture of Malkha, a South India-based textiles commons.

The Portal: A Step into the Past

Online Launch: June 2021. “The Portal: A Step into The Past” is an online exhibition/virtual experience featuring student-designed historic interiors. Juried by Shana McCaw, Brent Budsberg, and Jonathan Prown and digitally curated by IA design studies students, the exhibit showcases selected period rooms from course “DS 422: History of Architecture.”