CDMC Conversation Series: Annette Becker

CDMC Conversation between Texas Fashion Collection Director Annette Becker and UW-Madison Art History PhD Candidate Tania Kolarik. Becker discussed the ways the TFC engages design and material culture research before giving a tour of the collection.

CDMC Conversation Series: Dakota Mace

CDMC Conversation between CDMC Visiting Executive Director Sarah Anne Carter and Diné artist and scholar, Dakota Mace. Mace is a photographer and textile artist whose research focuses on the appropriation of Indigenous design work.

CDMC Conversation Series: Shirley Wajda

CDMC Conversation between Shirley Wajda, Executive Director of the Enfield Shaker Museum, and Sarah Anne Carter. The two discussed how kitchen spaces are both shaped by and shape design, social and cultural history, and technology.

CDMC Conversation Series: Erika Holst

CDMC Conversation between Illinois State Museum history curator Erika Holst and HLATC Interim Assistant Collections Manager Samantha Comerford. The two discussed the exhibition “Fashioning Illinois: 1820-1900.”

Cynthia Leibrock: Residential Design for Health and Longevity

Cynthia Leibrock is an author, lecturer, and designer focused on health and longevity in residential design. Leibrock gave a virtual tour of her carefully designed home and highlighted universal design elements that encourage healthy living.